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Between 1901 and 1926


This postcard sized photograph appeared on the Dundonald Historical Society Facebook group. If you know who the original owner is I’d be grateful so I can acknowledge them.


The picture is taken looking westward towards Belfast. It looks like the photograph wasn’t the best quality and it has been retouched to enhance things like the edges of the buildings. (In those days photo editing was achieved by scrapping the negative with a knife or drawing and applying paint!).


This is the oldest known view of the station. Note the platform lighting still using the original gas light style which was changed to electric lights. A crossover is just visible at the bottom of the picture and all the building appear in their final form which dates the view between 1901 and 1926.


It looks like the photograph has been taken on the occasion of some works being carried out based on the number of workmen gathered on the track bed of the railway.