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The following set of photographs was taken on the 15th July 1968 by Bob Pue. The photographs are reproduced here with his permission.





This photograph is taken close to the site of the station buildings looking west towards Belfast. It shows the remains of the down platform some ten years after the demolition of the station buildings. These would have stood just to the left of the picture. Behind the wall on the left are the steps from the Comber Road that climb the embankment giving entrance onto the down platform. Underneath was a subway for access to the up platform. The station end of this was filled in with rubble though the Comber Road side remained open for some years before being bricked up in the mid 1970s. The area behind the photographer has been completely cleared. The embankment having been partially removed to improve sight lines at the junction of the Old Dundonald and Comber Roads.





This picture shows the same scene from the other direction; looking east towards Comber.



This picture is similar to the one before and shows the up platform. Only sections of this platform remain hidden behind the undergrowth and rubble.




The last picture, taken looking towards Comber, shows the down platform at the Belfast end of the station. The ramp onto the platform can still clearly be seen. The platform itself, whilst largely intact, is very overgrown with grass and bushes.