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1930 Ards Tourist Trophy race


This photograph taken for “The Motor” magazine shows J.D. Benjafield driving a Bentley 4˝ Supercharged in the 1930 Ards Tourist Trophy race. The location is the Comber Road right beside Dundonald Station. You can see the Down Platform wooden waiting shed with its distinctive decorative trim in the top right. A policeman is “guarding” the Comber road entrance to the station and you can just see the edge of the stone work of the steps up to the station platform. (see close-up below)




Down the road the trellised bridge over the Comber Road can be made out and in the distance you can see the home signal for the station. The Bridge and most of this part of the embankment was cleared away in the late 1960s to improve the sight lines at the junction between the Comber Road and Old Dundonald Road. The picture below shows the same scene in 2013.